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HR Consultant providing startups, small and mid-sized businesses with HR services & solutions to help balance organizational goals with the needs of employees. Leveraging skills and experience to help organizations proactively and successfully respond to business demands. Serving as a trusted business partner to fulfill the key role of integrating business strategy with people management practices.

HR Goals For You

Improve effectiveness and efficiency of HR departments
Design, develop and implement HR programs and initiatives
Create HR strategies that are aligned with business goals and priorities


To deliver strategic, effective, and customized HR solutions that create a great place to work. Partnering with management to strategically support organizational goals, ensure compliance, engage employees, and reward great performance while building a cost-effective and efficient HR department.


Understanding the reality that employees are an organization’s greatest asset, I create customized HR solutions on an array of HR disciplines and strategically manage the HR function tailored to a company’s needs. An HR department’s role is to ensure legal compliance, maximize staff’s potential for success, and strategically help you reach your corporate goals. I’ll partner with you to make that happen!

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Start with good people, lay out the rules, communicate with your employees, motivate them and reward them. If you do all those things effectively, you can’t miss.

– Lee Iacocca –


HR Executive specializing in developing and delivering HR services & solutions for small and mid-sized employers ranging from 5 to 500 employees.

Team blocks

My name is Violeta Montalvo, Founder of Montalvo Management and HR Consultant. I work extensively with management in designing, developing, and implementing HR programs, procedures, and governance to create a workplace that works!

A solution-orientated HR professional with proven success in the development and delivery of HR services, I’ve developed and implemented HR strategies in support of company goals for over 15 years. I specialize in the implementation and execution of HR initiatives to help optimize all elements of the organization including but not limited to serving as an adviser to management and employees regarding HR matters, legal compliance, HR processes, employee relations, training, benefits management and PEO implementation. Having worked at several start-ups and IT-related firms including Globix Corporation, ASI System Integration and Advise Technologies, managing the creation and development of HR departments while ensuring industry competitiveness, developing dynamic and cost-effective strategies to aid in the attraction and retention of top-talent and supporting corporate goals and objectives.

Let’s transform your HR department from a service department to a proactive driver of business strategies that are aligned with business priorities and provide employees the skills, tools, and support needed to thrive. Contact me to today to begin a true partnership with someone who will deliver the customized HR expertise that you need.