Providing an array of HR expertise in the areas of employment practices, each program is customized based on your organization’s needs. These tailored HR initiatives will help effectively and efficiently manage your business and start making an immediate impact. A well-designed HR management structure from the outset ensures a proactive approach to workplace challenges and eliminates unforeseen costly problems down the road.

A consultation to discuss your
HR needs and objectives

An HR audit to identify areas needing immediate attention

Discuss recommendations for future HR initiatives



HR Compliance

It can be difficult keeping up with state and federal legal changes to workplace regulations. Ensure you are protecting your organization and maintaining up-to-date compliance with required regulations. Click to learn about policies and procedures reviewed.

HR Policies & Procedures

Design and implement governance to support business goals through the creation of customized HR policies and procedures. Partnering with senior management to understand the company’s culture and goals, newly developed HR initiatives will be aligned to support those goals and foster an environment where employees succeed. Click for examples of policies created.

HR Policy Audit

Perform thorough HR Audits to help identify any compliance issues, proactively identify potential HR risks and assess the effectiveness of HR processes to identify gaps or deficiencies in current HR processes and procedures. Click for examples of items reviewed during an audit.

HR Forms & Documentation

Review and recommend updates/revisions to current HR forms. Where none exist, get customized HR forms and documentation for company-wide use, ensuring consistency and compliance. Click to review examples of documentation reviewed and/or created.

Recruitment & Retention

A company’s success depends on it’s talent.

An effective recruitment strategy outlines how to attract and hire that talent, including identifying target candidate demographics, sourcing channels, and determining the criteria for selecting and hiring quality candidates.  Get recruiting strategies that are developed in alignment with the overall strategic goals of your organization. Click for examples of recruitment initiatives.

Training Programs

Create and conduct training programs specific to your employees’ immediate needs. Ensure training offers methods of developing internal skills and provides advancement by supporting employees’ career growth and offering continuous opportunities for professional development, increasing productivity and fostering a positive work environment. Click for examples of Training Programs.

PEO Implementation

Research the best PEO options available for your company’s size, needs, and budget and serve as the point-of-contact on all implementation matters once a PEO is selected. Manage all implementation and onboarding procedures from beginning to end and ensure a seamless transition. Click for examples of Implementation tasks.

Benefits Management

Work with insurance brokers to perform cost savings analysis based on your population and plan participation allowing for company-specific recommendations for new offerings, plan changes, and cost-saving programs while remaining competitive. Click for examples of Benefits Management.

Onboarding Programs

Employee retention starts on Day 1!

Implementing a welcoming and informative agenda for new employees impacts their progress and success in the organization. Get a customized On-boarding Program created to facilitate new employees’ full integration into the company, including pre-onboarding, orientation, training and ongoing monitoring of their training & development goals starting from the day they accept their offer. Click for examples of Onboarding initiatives.

Employee Relations

Serve as a trusted advisor on issues that impact organizational structure, employee performance and workforce management. Receive guidance and support on employee relations matters, performance management concerns, and departmental procedures. Click for areas of Employee Relations.

On Demand HR Support

Startups and small businesses have unique and immediate needs–constantly changing priorities, a rapidly growing workforce and limited resources. Typically, small to mid-sized companies forgo in-house HR Managers to eliminate the expense of a full-time employee.  With on-demand HR, you will have the support you need, when you need it and pay only for the time you use the services.

As a Fractional CHRO, I’ll be your outsourced HR Representative. Whether you need a specific policy created, a program developed or simply have an HR related question. Be it on an as needed or on a predetermined schedule. You decide what you need and when. Click for more details.

HR for Start Ups

As a startup or small business owner, your focus is on growing your business, let an expert manage the workforce planning, employment policies and compliance areas. My job is to make your job easier! Learn More…